Active Sourcing

We identify candidates who are not actively looking for a new job and convince them with the right messages. Learn more about active sourcing.
Learn more about active sourcing

In the intensifying „War for Talents“, it is not enough anymore to simply place job advertisements and wait for applications. Companies and organisations who start searching for promising candidates themselves, improve their chances. This active approach is called active sourcing or direct sourcing.

Also ideal for SMEs

Active sourcing has so far mainly been used by large companies, but it is not reserved for them alone. The approach is also recommended for small and medium companies. 
However, there are some pitfalls. Those who send large quantities of messages and wait patiently for an answer will seldom reach the best of the best.

Adressing personally

Rather, it is important to identify the right candidates and to address them individually and in a highly personalized manner. This includes choosing the appropriate channel and truly relevant message while getting in touch.

For this to succeed, an excellent knowledge of the market and industry is required as well as technological expertise and a fine sense of communication. Since this mix of competencies must be applied in addition to the skills required for the core business, few companies have it fully.

External support

This is where our consultants and project manager provide support. They have in-depth experience in target-oriented adressing and active sourcing. They reliably identify potential candidates and contact them on the appropriate channels. In doing so, they combine social media channels as LinkedIn with companywebsites and direct personal contacts. That is how they ensure a difference in perception and result. 

Reach executives and professional specialists who are not actively looking for a new job with active sourcing! Benefit from a more extensive base of perfectly fitting candidates and a shorter time to hire!