Board of Directors

The decisions of the Board of Directors (BoD) as the ultimate executive body are bound to influence the value of your company. Therefore, its composition is essential - and that makes the recruitment of the appropriate members a challenge. Often it resembles a search for a needle in a haystack. We will support you during this process. We find the qualifying personalities in three steps.
Detecting the Initial Situation and Background Information

At the beginning, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing Board of Directors. We evaluate the personalities present in the Board, as well as their competences and match them with the current and future requirements of your company. Here we examine to what extent the already existing BoD suits your business strategy based on their skills and we identify any possible gaps therein.
You will receive a well-founded conclusion including a recommendation for a logical addition to the Board of Directors. In agreement with you, we then proceed to work to close any gaps with a complementary member, whom we recruit

A Suitable Search Strategy

We develop an individual search strategy according to the target personality. The range of our instruments ranges from direct responses through the use of our network, which has grown over decades, including our board of directors candidate pool, all the way to invitations to tenders sent over suitable media.

We will then present you the candidates eligible to be considered for your Board of Directors and we will discuss with you about which ones you would like to obtain more information.

Accompaniment Beyond Onboarding

We undertake the pre-selection of possible candidates on the basis of the information available. We supplement these with personal interviews, so that we can gain a comprehensive view of the applicants. The personalities that best suit your needs will be presented to you in a shortlist.
Naturally, we will also support you with the preliminary interviews. All so that you can be sure that you will ask the right questions and find the best candidates.
Rely on our expertise in the recruitment of Boards of Directors!