Personelle Mergers & Acquisitions

In 2016 in Switzerland, the number of mergers and acquisitions increased again. The realisation of synergies through the pressure of rationalisation and growth measures is only one driver. Favourable conditions, such as liquidity in surplus at companies and private equity funds, as well as excellent financing conditions at the lowest interest rates - they all promote this development. In fact, you can achieve tremendous competitive advantage through certain transactions within a very short period of time.
Success requires know-how and sensitivity

However, there are many obstacles which are not to be underestimated. Obviously, the goal must match the nature of the transaction, whether it is the achievement of a critical company size, the transfer of know-how, access to a particular market or diversification. In addition, political events must be taken into account and, in particular, the suitability of the parties concerned. After all, incompatible corporate cultures and non-existent synergies are the main cause of the failure of M&A projects.

Therefore, substantiated facts as well as sensitivity are needed. At this point, we come into play. We know the market - the direct and indirect competitors, suppliers and customers, employers and workers. Mediating on your behalf is our profession and our passion - this is also embedded in broader fields of knowledge such as organisational units. We know what organisations are like, how they differ, and where their strengths lie. Complementary strengths which may perhaps be well-combined with yours can inspire you.

Benefit from our knowledge and mediation skills

We would be happy to mediate for you in both directions and bring you in touch with interesting companies on a mandate basis. Together with you, we will discuss your developmental requirements. We will advise you on a personal basis. You will benefit from our market knowledge and mediation skills. Should you be interested in further investigations, we will analyse the competences of the different teams and assist you in the development of a new organisational structure.

We act as a door opener and let our network do its trick - not just as far as the contact with suitable target candidates is concerned. In addition, we bring together lawyers, banks, auditors as well as other renowned service providers who advise you on legal and tax issues, while we coordinate the process. Thus, we will act as your contact partner for successful mergers and acquisitions. Please come visit us!